Antigua V. C. Bird International Airport Parking

If you want to park at the airport, the best thing to do is get there early and give yourself plenty of time to look for a spot.

The parking lots are frequently highly congested, so it can take a while before you find a place that's free to use.

When you finally locate a parking spot, it can be challenging to fit your vehicle into a confined area. And once you do manage to find a site, there is no assurance that your car will be secure there.

At Antigua Airport's parking lots, there have been reports of automobiles being broken into and vandalized by unknown individuals.

Long-Term Parking

Rates start at $3 for the first hour or any portion thereof. Then, $2 for each hour after that or any part thereof up to 8 hours.

Short-Term Parking

A $5 will be added to your total every thirty minutes or a fraction thereof.


For your comfort and convenience, the lots for short-term parking are equipped with parking spaces that are accessible.

Map of Car Parks at Antigua Airport