Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Attractions

Antigua and Barbuda should be at the top of your list if you're searching for a tranquil tropical holiday. Beautiful beaches, blue waters great for snorkeling and scuba diving, verdant jungles, and kind, welcoming natives are just some of the island's many attractions.

In addition, there are many things to do on the islands, from visiting museums to relaxing on the beach. Antigua and Barbuda are two of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Several smaller islands, plus the larger islands of Antigua and Barbuda, make up this nation.

Antigua's capital, St. John's, is a major urban center. While English is the official language, many Antiguans also speak Creole.

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Antigua Half-Day Private Sailing Yacht Charter

At the southernmost point of Antigua, you will find this service waiting for you inside English Harbour, just a few yards away from Nelson's Dockyard.

  • You will be surrounded by some of the world's most stunning and lavish super-yachts.
  • Your four-hour sailing trip will begin with a quick orientation on safety, and then you'll set sail from the harbor.
  • You can choose several different itineraries, such as sailing inside Nelson's Dockyard National Park, passing beneath the Pillars of Hercules, and ascending Shirley Heights.
  • You can take a boat ride down the pristine, wooded, and spectacular coastline towards Carlisle Bay.
  • You can pause for a swim before continuing to enjoy the trip back.

Guests who wish to participate in sailing the yacht are encouraged to do so by the crew, who are happy to offer helpful instruction as necessary. On the other hand, if you'd rather kick back, relax, and sip some rum punch, that's an option.

From St John's: Antigua Historical Tour with Beach Visit

Learn about the fascinating past of Antigua while you enjoy a relaxing vacation here. Explore the island's various regions with the assistance of a knowledgeable local guide to get a good feel for the island's lively atmosphere. Visit some adorable little villages, tour the world-famous Nelson's Dockyard, and cool off in the clear waters of a gorgeous beach along the way.

  • You can get an excellent feel for the local way of life and culture by leaving St. John's and driving via the villages of Freemans and Liberta.
  • Take a short stop at Shirley's Heights in English Harbour to enjoy the stunning views of the emerald-green greenery and the azure waters below.
  • You can take an educational tour of the facilities at Nelson's Dockyard, a historical heritage site, and a marina.

After your exciting day, you should round off your excursion by relaxing on one of the island's most beautiful beaches and taking a dip in the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Hiking Combo Tours

Having a dedicated team of local specialists arrange your excursion in Antigua is a great way to take the hassle out of your vacation. Pick and choose among available alternatives until you arrive at the optimal solution for your party.

Hike and Swim

There are two paths you can take here. Hike through the remnants of Fort George, and you'll be rewarded at the end with a breathtaking panorama of Falmouth Harbour. Afterward, head down to Pigeon Beach for a relaxing dip in the ocean. This beach is excellent for families because it has a playground on the sand.

Mount Obama, the island's highest peak, may be reached via a rainforest climb. Then, take a trip to Freyes Beach for a refreshing dip in the seawater to ease your aching muscles.

Hike and Drive

There are three possible paths you can take. The Shirley Mountains to the west and Willoughby Bay to the east are seen from the Fort George route. Visit Shirley's Heights, Nelson's Dockyard, and the Dow's Hill Interpretation Centre after your climb.

Hiking the ancient Fort Barrington is another option; after a short but strenuous ascent, you'll be rewarded with stunning vistas of the port, Deep Bay, and the open sea. After that, check out places like Devil's Bridge, Betty's Hope, and Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium.

You might also try your hand at Signal Hill. This is one of the most excellent hikes in Antigua, and it's set among the country's lush jungle.

Visit Wallings Dam, the Gracebay Moravian Church, and Morris Bay to round up your trip. Not only will you be able to see the entire island from this vantage point, but you will have some of the most excellent views of the island from here.

Hike and Ray

Choose between a trek up the historic Fort George or the secluded Carpenter's Rock. All the entrance fees to Stingray City are included so you can swim with a local stingray after your stroll.

Hike and Zip

In this scenario, you climb Signal Hill in the middle of the country's verdant rainforest. From that vantage point, you can see the entire island.

Indulge in high-octane fun at the end of your hike on the exciting zip line and challenge course.

Hike and Snorkel

Climb Mount Obama, the island's highest point, and then relax in the stunning Cades Reef with a snorkeling session. Take in incredible coral reefs, aquatic life, and transparent waters.

All About Jerk

Meat prepared in the jerk style is traditionally prepared in Jamaica. The heart is seasoned and simmered over an open fire or on a barbeque grill, whether hog, chicken, beef, or fish.

Scallions, onions, thyme, pimento (allspice), cinnamon, nutmeg, peppers, and salt are only some local/regional spices included in the seasoning blend.

Jerked food has a spicy kick from the pepper at the outset, but as you chew, the other tastes explode in your mouth. All the other islands have followed suit and started using it for this reason.

Today, jerk is recognized as regional cuisine, and every household has a secret method for preparing distinctive seasoning.

In her session, Nicole will teach you how to utilize jerk seasoning to give your meal a West Indian twist at home and introduce you to all the spices you'll need.

To drink, they have a blend of local fruit juices, water from their cisterns, and Nicole's Old-Fashioned Rum Punch.

The objective of this course is to make it simple for you to reproduce the dishes we prepare in class in your kitchen when you return home.

This is provided from the comfort of a residence perched on a bluff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Beautiful scenery and a taste of Caribbean culture await you.

Antigua: Scenic Jeep Tour with Lunch from Saint John's

You may see a rainforest, colossal banana trees, and other exciting sights on Fig Tree Drive. After that, have lunch at a harbor-side restaurant that offers outdoor seating. Drop off at your accommodation in Saint John's and return.

  • Take a guided Jeep tour of Antigua beginning at Saint John's and learn about the island's past.
  • Visit Devil's Bridge and Nelson Dockyard, two of the island's most exciting attractions.
  • Enjoy a picnic with a view while taking pictures and learning about the area from your guide.
  • Take in the sights on a full-day excursion and see the Devil's Bridge see the incredible effects of water erosion at sea.
  • Come to Blockhouse and Shirley Heights for some of the most stunning photo ops.
  • Learn more about Antigua's largest national park, Nelson Dockyard.
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